Vmoso Overview

Personalized, branded apps for engagement inside and outside the enterprise

Changing the way your organisation communicates is tough. A wave of new apps are trying to displace email as your primary communication tool, but too often these fail to address email’s fundamental problems. Email, like many of its challengers, is a general purpose communication tool that lets you send anything to anyone in any format. It’s no surprise that this results in chaotic, unstructured communication that wastes everyone’s time.

Efficient communication needs more focus

We work with enterprises to assemble personalised, branded collaboration apps that help your employees and customers work together more effectively by focusing communication around the topics relevant to your business. Structured collaboration makes it easier for everyone to cut out the noise, find the information they need, and focus on the tasks that really matter.

Vmoso platform is a secure, robust, scalable, general purpose communication and collaboration framework. On top of this we add communication types and process templates that match the way your organisation really works. 

Building and maintaining your own app in this way would be prohibitively expensive. But a Vmoso-based app is rapidly-assembled and has a low ongoing cost of ownership.

Let’s take an example. A retail worker receives feedback from a customer that she wants to pass on to the store’s management. With a Vmoso-powered retail workforce engagement app, she simply clicks to add a new piece of customer feedback, fills in the necessary details, and is assured that her report will reach the right people. When she wants to request time off, there’s a simple task for that too.

Similarly, when the retailer’s management want to make announcements to all store staff these appear as priority items in the store workers’ app, leaving no one with a “didn’t get the email” excuse.

But the right communication processes for a retail store are completely different to those for a hospital, a bank, or an energy provider. Indeed, different companies in the same industry often have very different needs. So Vmoso-powered personalized apps are tailored to the way your organisation communicates. You choose the types of communication, the templates to start new interactions, and the processes they follow.

Focused communication in a Vmoso-powered app makes your workforce more efficient, and your customers better engaged.