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It’s all very well having a grand vision for the digital future of your organization. But nobody gets to build the future all at once – there are always important business issues that compete for attention and resources. However much you desire the fully digital workplace of the future, the likelihood is that you have one pressing priority that you need to address right now.

We understand that, and that’s why our transformation methodology is designed to be iterative, solving discrete business problems in a cycle of continuous improvement. To recycle an old cliche, don’t try and boil the ocean.

Vmoso’s High Value Collaboration enables employees to communicate quickly, exchange and retain information, and to find it again later so they’re not wasting time searching for information or making the same mistakes again and again.

Examples include:

  • Document review
  • Project status updates
  • Product launch planning
  • Sales team collaboration

Vmoso Solutions



Partner Engagement

Watch the videos below to see examples of Vmoso in action

Business Partner Engagement
Customer Experience
Cross-departmental Collaboration
Operational Efficiency
Product Development
Sales Collaboration
Galaxy Health - Collaborative Process Management
VideoGalaxy Health is a US healthcare insurance provider. Galaxy has chosen Vmoso to  improve its membership acquisition and renewal rate as well as a number of collaborative business processes involving...
Galaxy Sports
VideoGalaxy Sports are planning the launch of a new range of “smart” running shoes that take advantage of emerging technologies such as Internet of Things sensors and artificial intelligence. At the ce...
Vmoso and GDPR
VideoWith the introduction of GDPR just months away, it’s important that the systems you use for communication receive the same level of data protection scrutiny as your systems of record.
Galaxytown Police Department
VideoUsing Vmoso enables the Galaxytown Police Department to close cases faster. Vmoso captures, organizes and retrieves information from any device as a single source of truth.
Galaxy Hospitals Medical Research
VideoGalaxy Hospitals uses Vmoso to help medical researchers plan, prepare and execute their studies, Vmoso lets them engage with both the physicians who can benefit from research findings, and patients in...
Vishnu Saini, Voyants
VideoVishnu Saini of Voyants Solutions Private Limited, in conversation with Biplove Belwal of BroadVision, describes his company's experiences of using Vmoso.
Vishal Singh, Royal Expeditions
VideoVishal Singh of Royal Expeditions, in conversation with Biplove Belwal of BroadVision, describes his company's experiences of using Vmoso.
Case Study: Document Future
VideoThomas Becker, Managing Director of Document Future, describes how he introduced Vmoso into his company to improve the quality of communication and collaboration and meet a challenging software releas...
Galaxy Financial - Private Wealth Management
VideoGalaxy Financial Services is a global provider of financial services with headquarters in New York, and offices around the world. See how Galaxy uses Vmoso in its Private Wealth Management divisio...
Galaxy Financial - Investment Banking
VideoGalaxy Financial Services is a global provider of financial services with headquarters in New York, and offices around the world. See how Galaxy uses Vmoso in its Investment Banking division to en...
Galaxy Financial - Commercial Loans
VideoGalaxy Financial Services is a large financial services institution, offering a comprehensive array of banking, security, investment and other products to both consumers and businesses. See how they...
Galaxy Health
VideoGalaxy Health is a US healthcare insurance provider. Galaxy’s new CEO made it his personal mission to overhaul the way Galaxy communicates with its partners and customers so that it can deliver the...
Galaxy Department Stores
VideoSee how Galaxy Department Stores use Vmoso to enable a collaborative approach to rolling out their seasonal collections. Design, Production, Supply Chain, Marketing and Sales all work together to ensu...
Galaxy Life Insurance
VideoGalaxy Life is a large Insurer, offering Life Insurance, Retirement Planning & Child Education term plans. See how they use Vmoso to regain more direct control of the customer relationship, and imp...
Galaxy Airlines
VideoGalaxy Airlines flies millions of passengers a year on short-haul routes in the US and Europe, and long-haul routes between the two. See how they use Vmoso to engage with their most valued frequent...
Galaxy Consulting
VideoGalaxy Consulting Group are a global provider of professional services, specialising in strategic business consulting and deployment of major IT projects. See how they use Vmoso to enable efficient...
Galaxy Fashion
VideoGalaxy Fashion is a world leading high-end retail chain for designer clothing and luxury goods with 1000 storefronts worldwide and boutiques within larger retailers. See how Galaxy is using Vmoso t...
Galaxy Hotels
VideoGalaxy Hotels manage a chain of over 100 hotels around the world. See how they use Vmoso to improve the communication and collaboration between head office and the hotels, and to engage with their top...
Galaxy Motors
VideoToday’s car buyers are better informed and have higher expectations than ever before. The car companies must engage and nurture the consumer more than ever. See how Galaxy Motors use Vmoso to en...
Vmoso for Government Agencies - Vimeo thumbnail
Vmoso for Government Agencies
VideoThe complex labyrinth of government departments makes cross-agency communication a necessity, but it is often a chaotic mix of incompatible systems. With security a highest priority, government agenci...
Galaxy Cable - Vimeo thumbnail image
Galaxy Cable
VideoGalaxy Cable Inc is a full service provider of cable TV, internet and voice services to both residential and commercial customers, serving 30M households and 2M businesses. See how Galaxy use Vmos...
Galaxy Broadcasting Corporation - Vimeo thumbnail
Galaxy Broadcasting Corporation
VideoGalaxy Broadcasting Corporation is a major news, information and entertainment company with a network, affiliate and 12 owned and operated local stations around the country. See how Galaxy use Vmo...
Galaxy Electronics - Vimeo thumbnail image
Galaxy Electronics
VideoGalaxy Electronics is a manufacturer of consumer electronics. Its products are designed in Japan, built in China and the software developed in India. Products are distributed and sold worldwide. S...
Galaxy Convenience Stores - Vimeo thumbnail image
Galaxy Convenience Stores
VideoGalaxy Convenience Stores is a retail chain of 12,000 franchised stores in 5 countries. It employs 6,000 workers directly and franchisees employ 150,000 in stores. See how Galaxy uses Vmoso to: -...
Galaxy Insurance - Vimeo thumbnail image
Galaxy Insurance
VideoGalaxy Insurance is a large general insurer, primarily offering household and motor insurance. It sells direct to consumers, and also deals through intermediaries such as brokers and agents. As th...
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