Vmoso Partner Engagement Hub

Vmoso Partner Engagement Hub

While new communication tools and mobile technology have transformed the way people work together inside organizations, cross-company collaboration has lagged behind. Over the last few years, most companies have started to move away from email as their primary means of internal collaboration, embracing more efficient digital workplace solutions. But outside the company, email still reigns supreme as the “lowest common denominator” means of inter-organisation communication.

This is particular true for business-to-business partnerships where intensive communication is often required between participants from different companies, but there little common IT infrastructure to support their collaboration. This results in falling back to email, or making use of social media forums ill-suited for professional collaboration.

Vmoso’s Partner Engagement Hub provides a secure, private platform for professional collaboration between members of different organizations. It can either be controlled by a single company provisioning its partners, or by a consortium of equal partners. The Partner Engagement Hub is ideal for:

  • Working with sales channel partners
  • Managing supply chain partners
  • Trade associations
  • Inter-professional associations
  • Any other body that requires representatives of multiple organizations to collaborate together across company boundaries

Partner Engagement Hub Benefits

  • Cloud-based solution places no IT burden on the hosting organisation
  • Can either be controlled by one company, or operated as a “neutral venue” for cross-company communication amongst a partnership of equals
  • Use of a professional collaboration platform reduces the likelihood of member access being blocked due to company IT policies.
  • Permission-based sharing ensures that each member retains control over the content they bring to the discussion. If a member leaves the partnership, they can revoke access to their content, or allow it to continue to be used. If content is shared with multiple networks, permissions for each network can be managed separately.
  • Partnerships can decide whether to manage member lists centrally, or devolve this responsibility to member organisations

Vmoso Features

  • Threaded discussions, making it easy to read the whole conversation, in the right order, instead of piecing it together from endless email trails.
  • Content versioning, allowing participants to work together to create documents, while retaining a who-did-what audit trail.
  • Knowledge maps, recording the links between related content to ensure easy navigation of the web of knowledge created through collaboration. 
  • Email integration, allowing members to take a full part in the collaboration, even if they choose not to use the Vmoso app.
  • Mobile and desktop apps, providing device- and location-independent access.

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