The Seven Stages of Personal Data Management

The value and importance of personal data is clearer than ever thanks to the Cambridge Analytica scandal, and greater scrutiny of the way internet giants like Facebook, Google and Amazon use our personal data.

But the services to help individuals manage their own data remain very primitive. To understand how these are likely to evolve, it is informative to look at the history of banking, how financial services evolved, and the parallels between management of money and management of data.

The Data Privacy Crisis

Has the internet turned out to be everything you hoped for? 20 years ago, did you expect the internet to become powered by “surveillance capitalism” and dominated by a small number of tech giants who use your personal data to make huge advertising profits? Few of us are comfortable with …

MyVmoso In Action

See three examples of how MyVmoso enables individuals to build trusted relationships with the organisations they interact with online. – Application for a credit card – Medical prescription and referral – Participation in a pharmaceutical study Users of MyVmoso build up a network of trusted relationships, starting either from self-registration, …