Vmoso, Inc. Announces Additional Capital Infusion, Releases Vmoso-2021™ with Zoom™ Integration

Vmoso, Inc.
Announces Additional Capital Infusion
Releases Vmoso-2021™ with Zoom™ Integration

ATHERTON, Calif., Nov. 10, 2020 – Vmoso, Inc. today announced completion of Series-B financing and acquisition of all minority stake previously held by BroadVision, Inc. (acquired by Aurea Software in May 2020).  Consequently, the company is now 100% independently owned by all its employees.

The company also announced the immediate availability of Vmoso-2021™, the newest generation of the company’s flagship enterprise digital hub platform solution.  Vmoso-2021’s full integration with Zoom™, with configurable extensions to other Web-conferencing systems as well, bridges the widening chasm between synchronous vs. asynchronous collaboration, offering a compellingly more holistic and productive tele-work environment across any location/time constraints ─ a critical success factor for every organization now operating under a new workplace reality brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic worldwide.

Vmoso-2021 also features MyVmoso™, a platform-as-a-service (PaaS) for empowering rapid customization in both frontend UI/UX as well as backend data models for any engagement-centric applications across Web, iOS™, and Android™ platforms in one-go.  The entirety of Vmoso functionality is available for application development via open API and integration/extension bots, including:

  • Synchronous activities ─ scheduled meeting, instant call
  • Asynchronous activities ─ chat, post, community
  • Engagement management ─ fine-grain access control, push notification, alert service
  • Event management ─ unified stream for time-sensitive matters, calendar integration
  • Task management ─ structured/semi-structured workflow
  • Document management ─ auto-versioning, external cloud drive integration
  • Knowledge management ─ single point of reference, knowledge map, data lake
  • Email integration ─ seamless bi-directional exchange with any email system
  • External collaboration ─ intranet/extranet working coherently/securely as one
  • Federated private cloud ─ safekeeping all data privately, yet shareable globally
  • White label customization ─ fully customizable in branding, UI/UX, data modeling

Vmoso-2021 base pricing includes three-month no-risk free subscription, if signed up prior to 12/31/2020.  Additionally, replacing Microsoft Teams or Slack with Vmoso-2021 automatically qualifies for 50% discount for the first-year subscription.


About Vmoso, Inc.

Vmoso, Inc. is a global provider of enterprise digital hub solutions, which transform fragmented content and data sources across the enterprise ecosystem into a unified, secure, and elastic knowledge web, empowering high-value collaboration, proliferating high-touch engagement, accelerating AI-driven high-impact discovery/decision, so that more can be achieved with less by everyone.  The company’s offerings include Vmoso™ (workplace digital hub), MyVmoso™ (customer digital hub), and MyVmoso Network™ (personal digital hub).

To register for a free trial, visit www.vmoso.com for more details.