Vmoso, Inc. Announces Company Formation, Releases Vmoso-2019™

REDWOOD CITY, Calif., Jan. 09, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Vmoso, Inc. today announced the completion of its spin-out from BroadVision, Inc. (Nasdaq: BVSN) to become an independent private corporation.

The company also announced the immediate availability of Vmoso-2019™, the next generation of the company’s flagship enterprise digital hub solution.  Vmoso-2019’s streamlined user experience makes the full power of the Vmoso platform accessible to a wider audience by reducing the learning curve without compromising its robust functionality for enterprise communication, collaboration and knowledge management.

“Since Vmoso’s initial launch, we’ve spent a lot of time analyzing how people are using the product, understanding which features provide most benefit, and what obstacles there have been to successful adoption,” says Yun-Ping Hsu, VP Product Management.  “The market is full of new communication tools that look great at first but are soon shown to be far too simplistic for the way we work today.  What we’ve heard from Vmoso users is that they need the sophisticated features Vmoso offers easily accessible from any device.  That’s what we’ve delivered in Vmoso-2019.”

Vmoso-2019 also forms the foundation for MyVmoso™ and MyVmoso Network™ (MVN), both in the pipeline to be released later this year.  MyVmoso™ is a customer digital hub solution that enables the enterprise to establish high-touch engagement with each customer on a personalized 1:1 basis.  MVN is a personal digital hub that acts as a bank for the consumer’s personal data, providing secure, personalized, persistent, symmetrical engagement channels between the consumer and each enterprise with which they maintain an active relationship.

“Vmoso’s spin-out from BroadVision allows both companies to focus 100% on serving our respective markets and customers better,” says Dr. Pehong Chen, CEO.  “With the release of Vmoso-2019™, we are well positioned to deliver a family of enterprise digital hub solutions that can fundamentally transform workplace collaboration, customer engagement, and personal data management for all businesses and their customers.”

About Vmoso, Inc.

Vmoso, Inc. is a global provider of enterprise digital hub solutions, which transform all content and data sources across the enterprise ecosystem into a unified, secure, and elastic knowledge web, empowering high-value collaboration, proliferating high-touch engagement, accelerating high-output decision, so that more can be achieved with less by everyone.  The company’s offerings include Vmoso™ (workplace digital hub), MyVmoso™ (customer digital hub), MyVmoso Network ™ (personal digital hub), and Clearvale™ (enterprise social networking).

To register for a free trial, visit www.vmoso.com for more details.