Go Event

Still organising conferences and events by email?

As event deadlines loom, are you spending too many late nights sorting out the confusion caused by email miscommunication?

Inside the organisation, businesses are increasingly turning away from email and implementing more effective communication and collaboration systems. But as soon as the need arises to communicate outside company, again and again we fall back to email as the lowest common denominator. All too often this results in lost messages, uncontrolled document versions and lack of a definitive record of the conversation. Far too much time is wasted ensuring everyone has the latest information they need.

GoEvent from Vmoso provides a secure, private collaboration space for you to get everything ready for your event working with logistics teams, event sponsors and speakers inside and outside the organisation.

Create the contract collaboration space in minutes, and start uploading your documents. 

When you’re ready, invite participants from inside and outside the company.

Whether they contribute directly, or via Vmoso’s sophisticated email integration every document, every question, every answer is recorded in one place – a single source of truth. Every version of the document is kept so you can see what was changed, when.

And when the event is over, archive the collaboration and retain it for later auditing.

Internal and external communication

Every comment, every question, every answer.


Secure, private collaboration


Collaborate with people both inside and outside the organisation


Seamless email integration


Access from any device, any time

No long-term commitment

GoEvent is part of the Vmoso Go suite of On-Demand B2B Collaboration solution. Each collaboration is self-contained and time-limited, so you only pay for what you need.

Prices start at $50 for a 5-user, 1-month collaboration.

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