Galaxy Airlines

Galaxy Airlines flies millions of passengers a year on short-haul routes in the US and Europe, and long-haul routes between the two.

See how they use Vmoso to engage with their most valued frequent flyer customers, and to improve the communication between their flight crews and ground staff.

Galaxy Consulting

Galaxy Consulting Group are a global provider of professional services, specialising in strategic business consulting and deployment of major IT projects.

See how they use Vmoso to enable efficient communication and collaboration between members of geographically dispersed project teams, and between the project teams and the client. Vmoso provides a single source of truth for all project knowledge, ensuring all project stakeholders have easy access to the latest information.

Galaxy Fashion

Galaxy Fashion is a world leading high-end retail chain for designer clothing and luxury goods with 1000 storefronts worldwide and boutiques within larger retailers.

See how Galaxy is using Vmoso to strengthen their relationship with their most valuable customers, providing them with personal service via the Galaxy Fashion VIP programme, and priority announcements about their new seasonal ranges.

Galaxy Hotels

Galaxy Hotels manage a chain of over 100 hotels around the world. See how they use Vmoso to improve the communication and collaboration between head office and the hotels, and to engage with their top customers through their loyalty program.

Galaxy Motors

Today’s car buyers are better informed and have higher expectations than ever before. The car companies must engage and nurture the consumer more than ever.

See how Galaxy Motors use Vmoso to engage customers, giving them a single point of contact for all communication related to buying and owning a Galaxy car.